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Add Grilled Meals to Autumn Menu

14 Oct

You still have time to fire up the grill if you’re living in an area where cold wind and the polar vortex will make outdoor cooking just about mission impossible in a few months. Whether it’s tailgating, week-end entertaining or family dinner, grill seasoned turkey filets. They’re cooked over medium-low heat and make a quick and […]

Ham Adds Flava’ To Spring Soup

19 Apr

After enjoying a spread of Classic Baked Ham you may wonder “What to do with ham leftovers?” (If you have any) You can chop the cooked ham for future use in omelets or scrambled eggs, casseroles or with pasta. Once the meaty portions are gone, you can freeze the ham bone to use to flavor […]

How to Make Classic Baked Ham

12 Apr

Grlled or roasted diamond-back ham.

It’s Spring, it’s Easter and time for ham. You’ve reached out to me with questions and even confessed that you cheat sometimes—“My family doesn’t know it, but I use the glaze that comes with the ham.” The question of the month is how-to make a star attraction ham. That diamond ‘n clove e studded ham […]

Try Shepard’s Pie-full of flavor and good for you too!

25 Mar

We’re wrapping up National Nutrition Month and there has been more chatter than usual about eat this, try that, it’s good for you, blah, blah, blah.  One thing that is consistent with chatter about nutrition and healthy eating is,  if it doesn’t taste good people will not eat it.  Whatever the dish is, no flavor, […]

The New Power Green

27 Feb

As Black History Month wraps up I want to raise a shot glass of pot likker to greens. Greens are the edible leaves of plants that have provided nourishment for African Americans throughout the ages. Last year I shared that greens were on the hot list, as one of the vegetables getting lots of buzz. […]

Dining With Ina

31 Dec

Ina's Fried Chicken & Waffles

As you’re reading this, the staff at Ina’s Restaurant will be seating the patrons who’ve supported the Ina Pinkney aka the Breakfast Queen for more than 30 years. The finale seating will include those who’ve become friends in search of real breakfast. And Ina has always dished it up with love and caring from her […]

Let’s Talk Turkey

22 Nov

It’s all about turkey this month and there are plenty of gobblers to choose from. They come in all sizes and varieties. You can cook your own, pick one up baked, smoked or fried and ready to heat; you can even buy a whole stuffed turkey that you bake from its frozen state. If it’s […]

Thanksgiving–Here’s a Timeline for Holiday Cooks

18 Nov

Photo courtesy of National Turkey Federation

Once we hit November time makes a quantum leap.  Like so many of you, I look at the calendar and realize almost two weeks have vaporized.  Here we are mid-month. Let’s get this holiday cooking party started. If you’re the host or quarterback for the holiday meal team, check the number of folks you’re planning […]

Dinner Dilemna? Keep a Go-To Recipe

29 Oct

At the end of a good dinner body and soul both enjoy a remarkable sense of well-being. –Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin We are balancing a full plate of activities and tasks; however dinner is important for our well-being.  We all need a go-to recipe to help make getting that dinner meal on the table easier. My go-to […]

Putting Up Tomatoes

26 Sep

The summer has gone by at warp speed—seems like just last week we were celebrating summer solstice.  This week-end I was on the receiving end of some of the bounty from my friend Sylvia’s garden.  The garden’s wispy vegetable shoots have matured into sweet fruits and vegetables exploding with flavor.  The afternoon started with samples […]