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Can’t Get Patti’s Pie? Lighten Up with Sweet Potato Gems

17 Nov

Patti LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pie is trending and there are food companies nationwide afflicted with pie envy. Back in the day we would have heard it through the grapevine, but in this era of social media with do-it-yourself video, Facebook and the Twitterverse, sales of Patti’s pie are on fire. Now there are plenty of […]

Desserts to Impress

21 Dec

Eat dessert first, well that may not be the recommended way, but most of us plan to reserve a sweet spot for those special tempting treats we love to savor at the end of a meal. Dessert can be as trendy as fashion week—cake pops, cupcakes, pies and savory ice cream. Cheesecake is a classic. […]

Try Bayou Catfish Fillets

17 Aug

August is National Catfish Month and a couple of Facebook food enthusiasts  and I had a late night chat about catfish and the best sides to serve with the flaky fillets. It was nearly midnight a few nights ago and  it has been on my mind since.  Fried is good, but if slimmed down is […]