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Now You’re Cooking In Cast Iron!

4 Sep

I saw a recent post on Facebook from a friend who had received an email invite to buy a personalized cast iron skillet. Now I can’t say that folks need to have a personalized one unless you count as personal the skillet that may have been in your family for years. Everyone needs this kitchen […]

Cast Iron Nation Giveaway

16 Jun

Thanks to all who shared what’s cookin’ at your place and entered the Cast Iron Giveaway on ChowChow & Soul ™. Your faves included plenty of savory foods– hoe cakes, cornbread, hot water cornbread, tofu, Brussels Sprouts, pasta sauce, steak and last but not least fried chicken.   Winners of the Cast Iron Nation Giveaway […]

Will Soul Food Become Extinct?

29 Jun

As June and National Soul Food Month celebrating the heritage and foodways of African Americans and peoples from the African diaspora wraps up, I’ve cooked, enjoyed and reflected on many of the dishes we’ve come to love as soul food. Greens, cornbread, macaroni and cheese are just a few of the signature foods that I […]