Charla L. DraperMy appetite and interest in food was nurtured in a family of great cooks—both my maternal and paternal grandmothers had skills. Our house was always filled with the aroma of good cooking–particularly scratch baking. spicy gingerbread, fluffy, light yeast rolls and buttery, moist melt in your mouth pound cake prepared by Mom’s mother, aka Gonga. Dad’s mother —Big Mama honed her skill in Shreveport, Louisiana and her menus included seafood gumbo,  braised rabbit, and pear preserves, along with other traditional dishes.

I’ve stirred a few pots as a Food Editor at Ebony and Southern Living magazines, and test kitchen home economist in The Kraft Kitchens. Each one was about creating buzz when it comes to food and cooking. Chow-Chow & Soul™ will continue this focus dishing about food, recipes, and more.

I’m looking forward to sharing good things to eat and hearing from you!